Transgender Rights in India

Vol-1 | Issue-4 | April 2016 | Published Online: 21 April 2016    PDF ( 122 KB )
Dr. Manoj Kumar Sadual 1

1Reader, Department of Law, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha


Sexuality is a major issue in INDIA. Sexuality has been listed as unnatural. Therefore, transgender life is full of struggles. They experience a lot of problems in their life. They are facing discrimination in every aspect of life. These people are at risk because they have lack of health facilities, employment and education facilities. Social stigma is another major issue that forces them to take unwanted decision i.e. attempting suicide. These factors affect their mental health and they are more likely to get depression and anxiety attacks too. My article is focused on transgender struggle, their rights and their present situation in India.

Transgender, Rights, Struggle, India
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