Topics Covered

The journal covers following subject areas;

Accounting Immunology & Microbiology
Aerospace Industrial chemistry
Agri and Aquaculture Infectious Diseases
Agricultural Informatics
Agricultural biotechnology Information science
Agricultural chemistry Inorganic chemistry
Agricultural economics Irrigation
Agricultural Science Languages
Agriculture statistics Law
Agronomy Life Science
Analytical chemistry Literature
Anesthesiology Machine learning
Animal behavior and cognition Management
Animal husbandry, Marketing
Anthropology Materials science
Applied physics Mathematics
Applied Science Mechanical and Infrastructure Engineering
Art Medical Sciences
Artificial Intelligence Medicinal Biology
Astronomy Medicinal plants
Biochemistry Meteorology
Bioengineering Microbiology
Bioinformatics Mobile and wireless
Bioinformatics & Systems Biology Molecular biology
Biological chemistry Music
Biological Science Nano biology
Biomedical Sciences Nanoscience
Biophysics Nanotechnology
Biotechnology Nematology
Botany Nephrology
Business Neurology
Business & Management Neuroscience
Cancer biology Neuroscience & Psychology
Cardiology Nuclear and particle physics
Catalysis Nuclear chemistry
Cell biology Nursing
Chemical Nursing & Health Care
Chemical education Nutrition
Chemical engineering Oceanography,
Chemical Science Oncology
Chemistry Ophthalmology
Civil Organic chemistry
Climatology Organometallic chemistry
Clinical Sciences Orthopaedics
Clinical trials Otolaryngology
Communication Paleontology
Computational chemistry Pathology
Computer Pediatric
Computer Science Pediatrics
Computing Petro chemistry
Dentistry Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dermatology Pharmacology
Developmental biology Philosophy
Diabetes & Endocrinology Physical chemistry
Earth science Physical Science
Earth, Space Physicaltherapy & Rehabilitation
Ecology Physics
Ecology, Embryology Physiology
Economics Plant biology
Economics & Accounting Plant breeding and Genetics
Education Plant pathology
Electrical Plant physiology
Endocrinology Plant Sciences
Energy Plasma Physics,
Energy and fuels Political science
Engineering Polymer science
Engineering & Technology Psychiatry
Entomology Psychology
Environmental chemistry Pulmonology
Environmental Sciences Radiochemistry
Environmental Studies Radiology
Epidemiology Religion
Evolution Reproductive Medicine
Evolutionary biology Rheumatology
Extension education Scientific communication and Education
Finance Seed technology
Food & Nutrition Shelf life
Food science, Forestry Social & Political Sciences
Gastroenterology Social Sciences
General Science Sociology
Genetics Soil science
Genetics & Molecular Biology Storage
Genomics Structural biology
Geography Surgery
Geology Synthetic biology
Geology & Earth Science Systems biology
Geophysics Theater
Green chemistry Theoretical biology
Gynecology Theoretical chemistry
Haematology Toxicolog
Healthcare Transportation
Hematology Urology
Hepatology Veterinary medicine
Histology Veterinary Sciences
History Virology
Horticulture Wireless and optical communications
Humanities Zoology
Immunology Zoonosis