The relationship of anxiety and stress with working men at private sector during covid-19 situation

Vol-6 | Issue-11 | November-2021 | Published Online: 12 November 2021    PDF ( 196 KB )
Tuli Bhattacharya 1

1Department of Education, Serampore Girls' College, Serampore, Hooghly, Pin: 712201, West Bengal, India (Affiliated to Calcutta University)


The COVID-19 pandemic altogether affects public psychological wellness. Hence, observing and oversight of the populace emotional well-being during emergencies, for example, a pandemic is a prompt need. The point of this review is to break down the current research works and discoveries corresponding to the stress, tension and depression in everybody during the COVID-19 pandemic. Depression is a crippling ailment which builds the danger of self destruction. The subsequent mean levels found for pressure, tension, and depression was above levels considered non-obsessive. Ladies showed more significant levels of dread of COVID-19 than men. The measurable forecast for depression showed a solid match. This depression could be connected: both straightforwardly and emphatically by dread of COVID-19 and stress, and in a roundabout way, because of these two elements, decidedly intervened by tension. Our review finishes up by featuring the significant job that the complicated connections between dread, stress, and uneasiness can play in the improvement of depression indications and how they can be considered in programs pointed toward forestalling and reducing this problem. We propose some broad measures for diminishing apprehension of COVID-19 and push and recommend that particular projects be intended to control and conquer nervousness among students.

Covid-19, anxiety, Stress, Working men
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