“The Quiet American”: Graham Greene’s Narrative Art

Vol-1 | Issue-3 | March 2016 | Published Online: 10 March 2016    PDF ( 182 KB )
Dr. Sujit Tripathi 1

1I/C Principal, K. C. Sheth Arts College Birpur, Mahisagar, Gujarat (India)


This novel is also somewhat like „Greeneland‟. Like so many of Greene‟s novels, „The Quiet American‟ was inspired by his personal experience of a particular part of the world. He has translated into the novel his experiences as the Indo-China correspondent of „Life‟ and the „London Sunday Times‟ in the fifties. The book has four parts. The place of the novel is the Vietnamese Surete in Saigon. The predominant impression left by the novel is of violence and suffering. Greene‟s obsessive view of the world is unchanged. The French are fighting a hopeless war.

Greenland, Novel, Hopeless, War, Violence, Suffering
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