Study on Impulse Buying Behaviour on Consumer goods

Vol-6 | Issue-05 | May-2021 | Published Online: 15 May 2021    PDF ( 191 KB )
Mareet Paul 1

1Research Scholar, Christ University, Bangalore


Consumer’s tendency to purchase goods and services without planning beforehand is called as ‘Impulse Buying’. What makes an individual to make such decisions may be his emotions or other factors about which this study is conducted. This study is an attempt to examine the factors affecting impulse buying behaviour and the extent to which those factors influence their decisions. It also aims to find out the shopping pattern of individuals in consumer goods. A primary research was conducted among the consumers in Koothattukulam city. 100 samples were selected by way of convenience sampling method. Results of the study indicates that when compared with traditional stores, online stores cause more to buy impulsively. Cash backs, moods, card facilities, discounts, advertisements etc. are the factors which influences in impulse buying.

Impulse buying, mood, advertisements
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