Research Productivity of Faculty Members of Taharabad College: A Scientometric Study

Vol-6 | Issue-11 | November-2021 | Published Online: 12 November 2021    PDF ( 235 KB )
Dr. Fulari Arjun Ramdas 1

1Librarian,MVP'S Arts Commerce and Science College Taharabad, Tal. Baglan, Dist. Nashik-423302


The Twenty-first century shaped a new atmosphere for education. Due to computer technology, internet, smart phones and other such devices, education reached to each and every corner of the world. Even people living in remote areas are able to reap the benefits of open education system and distance education system This paper presents a scientomentric study of Arts and Commerce College i.e. research productivity of faculty members during 2019-2021. This research paper covers gender wise, age group wise, writing/publication statues of teachers, language wise research productivity, use of communication channel for research, purpose of research productivity, and authorship pattern.

Scientometric, Research Productivity, Authorship pattern, Geographical Distribution, Motivational Factor
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