Problems and Prospects of SC Girl Students at Elementary Level

Vol-6 | No-01 | January-2021 | Published Online: 17 January 2021    PDF ( 497 KB )
Laxmi Sarkar 1

1M.A in Education, Department of Education, Vinaya Bhavana, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, India, 731204


Women is the first teacher of a child and also the indispensable part of the society. Having their education, knowledge and experiences can influence the society for better improvement and increase the literacy rate. In this paper, the researcher discussed the existing educational situation, the various problems, opportunities and prospects of SC girl students at school and society level in elementary education. To fulfill this study, the researcher adopted descriptive survey research and purposive sampling, also used self-made questionnaires, conduct interview and analyzed the school documents to collect data. As a result, the researcher observed that, SC girls‟ students are facing many challenges from school and society level. Government has taken some major initiatives for them to continue their education and try to equalize opportunities their social status with normal lifestyle. A positive outlook and right awareness can give them a better platform in the normal life.

Schedule Caste, Problem, Prospect, Elementary Level
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