Malaxis acuminata D. Don : A Review

Vol-1| Issue-3 | March 2016 | Published Online: 10 March 2016    PDF ( 135 KB )
Ashish Gupta 1

1Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, DAV College, Amritsar - 143006, Punjab (India)


Malaxis acuminata is a terrestrial orchid that grows in shady areas of semi-evergreen to shrubby forests. It is highly valued for its medicinal properties as its dried pseudobulbs are important ingredient of Ashtavarga drugs used in the preparation of Ayurvedic tonic ‘Chyavanprash’. The tonic is energizing, cures tuberculosis, and enhances sperm formation. Low rate of natural multiplication, large scale habitat destruction and excessive collection for commercial purposes has severely endangered the natural populations of this species. This paper attempts to review the available literature on the species about its phytoconstituents, medicinal importance and in vitro propagation methods for its conservation.

Orchids, Malaxis acuminata, vegetative propagation, tissue culture
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