Human Rights of Women With Reference to Mary Wollstonecraft’s Vindication of the Rights of Women

Vol-6 | No-01 | January-2021 | Published Online: 17 January 2021    PDF ( 430 KB )
Priyanka Saha 1

1M.A in Political Science, Dept. of Political Science, University of Gour Bango


This paper tosses authentic bits of knowledge on the hypothetical points of view of privileges of Women‟s since the introduction of the idea of human rights. The original of basic liberties requested common and political rights though the second the age of basic freedoms requested social, social and financial rights. In any case, the thought of common freedoms in its underlying days rejected Women‟s from requesting such rights. The paper makes an endeavor to investigate the deals with basic liberties that neither perceived the privileges of Women‟s nor considered the mind and discernment of Women‟s significant. The cycle of globalization all things considered has raised the interest for labor force and the focal point of any program is to remember Women‟s for the financial cycle of improvement with a definitive goal of achieving uniformity. Notwithstanding perceiving the privileges of Women‟s, the paper sees that viciousness against Women‟s has not finished and there are reports of such episodes.

Human rights, Feminism, Gender and Development, Gender Equality
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