Feminism In Arundhati Roy’s ‘God of Small Things’

Vol-1| Issue-3 | March 2016 | Published Online: 10 March 2016    PDF ( 154 KB )
Dr Geetanjali 1

1Associate Prof, Dept. of English, DAV PG College, Dehradun (India)


Feminism is frequently pronounced as a struggle against all systems of patriarchal and sexiest oppression. It is a movement in support of the principle that the women should have the same rights and opportunities-legal, social and economic as men. Feminists categorize the deep-rooted sources leading to subjugation of women and an endeavour to remove them. They try to bring about a change in the social setting in which women are acknowledged as equals, in all regards to men in the equal sharing of rights, occasions and responsibilities in the process of development of human society. Some limit their demands to equality in matters relating to education and work with emphasis on financial independence Arundhati Roy established herself as a novelist par excellence with her masterpiece The God of Small Things. This maiden novel attracted considerable readers across the world. Roy discloses the situation of woman in the family and society of Kerala as well as India. The novel is scripted by woman and womenfolk are the focal point of the novel. The novelist does not put on to be feminist but the novel has feminine aspects indeed. All her female characters grieve but fight for their rights in this male conquered society. Roy analyses the deep-rooted social convection.

Feminists, subjugation, equality, independence
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