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Dr Geetanjali 1

1Associate Prof, Department of English, DAV PG College, Dehradun


Ecofeminism is a viewpoint, a code and a crusade evolved out of the unification and amalgamation of feminist and ecological streams of thought. According to this movement there are similarities and common causes of domination and women’s oppression and non-respect of nature, which contribute to environmental destruction.
It is apparent that there is at least a common connection between women and nature, and because of this link, women have started to identify the relation between the oppression of women and the oppression of the earth. The inference of these views causes the expansion of Ecofeminism. The word Ecofeminism is only recently conceived. It was created to refer to the numerous protests that were led by women that arose in the 1980’s that protested ecological degradation. One of the main doctrines of Ecofeminism is the acceptance of interrelation of all aspect’s life.

Ecofeminism, feminism, ecology, oppression
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