Dena Paona (Debits and Credits): A Critical Assessment on the Basis of Feminism

Vol-6 | No-01 | January-2021 | Published Online: 17 January 2021    PDF ( 341 KB )
Afrin Akter 1

1State Aided College Teacher, Dept. of Philosophy, Joypur Panchanan Roy College


The foundation of dowry has ruined numerous existences of wonderful and young ladies in India. Rabindranath Tagore couldn‟t stay inactive to such ruthless happenings and he reacted furiously against the dowry organization in his short story “Debits and Credits.” In this short story Tagore demonstrate a pictorial introduction of the wickedness of the society. In this paper I will focuses on the troubles of women in India who are abused oppressed and regarded as an object of ridicule and hatred in the family set up and additionally in the society. The issue featured in Tagore‟s short stories are for the most part joint family structure, the persecution of women, the male centric setup and the expectations and desires of women being broken by the world at large. It has been the issue of Indian history for several years yet still the solution is out of our reach. In “Debits and Credits” Nirupama is the fundamental character in the story and her dad wedded to the son of a terrific Raybahadur. Her husband knows extremely well the cruel feudal attitudes of his parents, but he leaves his defenceless spouse at their kindness. Raybahadur is so cruel and he fails call the doctor at the opportune time and Nirupama‟s passing is just unimportant in tear eyes. He spends a portion for the burial service as a sort of function. The story is an indication of the pathetic endowment system which is blister of our society.

Dowry, Tyranny, Injustice, Right, Feminism
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