DDOS Attack Detection Mechanism to Avoid Network Performance Issues

Vol-1| Issue-3 | March 2016 | Published Online: 10 March 2016    PDF ( 50 KB )
Amit Dogra 1

1Department of CSE BGSB University, Rajouri


Network traffic management results in effective packet transmission and resource utilization. All the major stakeholders of the network service providers work to increase the traffic flow by fair or unfair means. To this end, unfair means results in attackers to attack the resources over the network. This generally is accomplished by forming the similar identities for accessing the resource on behalf of other nodes. In addition, heavy traffic is generated by the fake or formulated node. This heavy traffic causes resource unavailability and denial of service. This type of attack is also termed as distributed denial of service attack. The performance of network degrades through this aspect of attack and optimization strategies are required to overcome this issue. This paper discussed some of the effective strategies that could be employed for the detection and prevention of DDOS attack. The parametric comparison of those techniques is also presented comprehensively. Parametric comparison includes throughput, packet drop ratio, transmission time and delay.

DDOS, Throughput, Transmission time, delay
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