Continuous Heat Signatures from Solar Winds Might Triggered Iron Jet Stream in Earth’s Outer Core and Polar Migration Over Decades Resulting in Polar Reversals

Vol-6 | Issue-05 | May-2021 | Published Online: 15 May 2021    PDF ( 1 MB )
Vikram Nath 1; Jagatjyoti Nandy 2

1B.Sc Student, Department of Geology Mahishadal Raj College, West Bengal, India

2M.Sc Student, Department of Geology Ranchi University, Jharkhand, India


Solar winds consisting of streams of charged particles/plasma comprising electrons, protons and alpha particles with kinetic energy between 0.5 and 10 KeV continuously sticks Earth’s magnetosphere; these solar winds are embedded with their own interplanetary magnetic fields which interacts with Earth’s magnetic fields and might impact earth’s outer core turbulent convection. These solar winds could have created some unexpected anomaly in Earth’s outer core in 2016 which was detected by European Swarm Satellites. Some fast-flowing river of liquid iron that surging westward under Alaska and Siberia named “Jet Stream” were observed. As according to the records, solar winds have been continuing to strike and interact with earth’s magnetosphere for quite a period of time and could be directly linked with the polar migration. Continuous interaction with these solar winds with earth’s outer core turbulent convection might have been affecting earth’s magnetic fields could explain Earth’s continuous polar shifts for few decades according to the reports. The evidences of solar wind strike on Earth’s magnetosphere are quite convincing as a solar wind strike leads to a geo magnetic storms and there are adequate that the outer core anomaly could have been caused by such an Heat signature of highly energized plasma or particles from the Sun.

Magnetic Poles Shifting, Solar Winds, Iron Jet Stream, Geomagnetic Storms, Polar Migration, Polar Reversal
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