Development Administration and Bureaucracy in Developing Countries

Vol-1 | Issue-12 | December 2016 | Published Online: 05 December 2016    PDF ( 201 KB )
Dr. Rakhi Sinha 1

1Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, M.S.U., Baroda, Gujarat, (India)


The essence of Development Administration lies in the capacity to bring about a structural and behavioural change in administration, to improve the capacity of institutions by embracing change orientation. It is the means through which governments bring about a perceptible change in the economy of a country. “Development administration” refers to the administration of policies, programs and projects that contribute to the development of a nation and have significant socio-political and socioeconomic impact on the countries involved. In this paper, I am highlighting the demanding role of bureaucracy in order to enhance development administration with the motto of securing welfare state worldwide. Basically, I‘ll focus over the developing countries with special emphasis over India. I am highlighting how politics-administration dichotomy is a threat to the concerned concept. I would also bring light over the remedy and essential suggestions so that we could get an opportunity to again think how actually the bureaucracy can work upon to enlarge the scope of Development Administration.

Development, Bureaucracy, Politics-administration dichotomy, Welfare state, Socio-economic growth
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