A Study of Buying Behaviour of Packaged food based on the Information provided in labels across various Socio Demographic Profiles of consumers

Vol-4 | Issue-04 | April 2019 | Published Online: 15 April 2019    PDF ( 447 KB )
Srivastava Nivi 1

1Senior Research Scholar, Department of Applied Economics, Faculty of Commerce, University of Lucknow, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India- 226007 (India)


Food purchase patterns in developing economies like India are characterized by daily or frequent purchasing from nearby marketplaces .These consumers are relatively in an advantageous position in terms of their purchasing power and awareness of health and nutrition. Empirical evidence argues that socio-demographic factors such as gender, age, educational status and income play an important role in determining the food consumption pattern across the world .Several other empirical studies also show that store choice is recognized as a cognitive process which is highly influenced by consumers’ socio-demographic characteristics . The data was obtained from the Households of NCR, India. Sample of 500 questionnaires were distributed and out of these 474 responses were recorded and compared. Consumers were segmented according to their lifestyles using Exploratory factor analysis, then a comparative analysis is done to study buying behaviour based on the information provided in labels across various socio demographic profiles of consumers.

Households, consumer, Socio demographic, Purchasing
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